Rest days activities

Hi all,

I’m just curious what do y’all do in your rest days? Active recovery? Walking? Foam rolling? Or just nothing?

Hm I’ll share if no one else is willing to :grinning:

Usually I do one other sport once a week (lately it’s been indoor climbing), so I plan my Freeletics sessions for other days.

On days when I do not have Freeletics or climbing, I do not have a specific active recovery plan, I just always try to keep active - cycle to work, walk all the stairs and escalators if I need to take the metro. On some weekends, when time permits, I go for a hike. I am a hyperactive person, so I generally just move around a lot :rofl:

Are you doing something, or considering?


Before when I had more time I used to do mobility sessions. Now I have a tight schedule and I am trying to be active by doing some resistance bands movements during the day, I take several quick breaks (5 minutes or less) while I work in my office to do those. I don’t know if that’s enough though :man_shrugging:t2:

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Hey Carlos.

Same than Sofia, I used to keep active those days, doing something with less impact such as mobility or a different kind of activity like walking.

I also try to make some joint strengthening, shoulders, knee, ankle… depends on how I felt during the training week.


Hey Carlos :wave:t2:

Active recovery all the way :muscle:t2: Cycling in my HR Zone 2 for an hour works really well for me, it just takes a lot of discipline to keep it in Z2 though :sweat_smile: One thing I got really in to last summer was SUPing which makes a great rest day exercise. These are also great activities to count towards one’s Base :wink:

Like everyone else, I’m usually getting some walks in, even on training days I’m trying to walk 10k steps.


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Sofia, I wish I could ride a bicycle to work. I usually drive between 45 to 1 hour. That’s my commute lol . but that sounds fun!

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that sounds smart!

yeah, definitely one’s Base is helping me to stay consistent and add some extra activity like the bands as I said.

how do you divide 10k steps during your day?

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I just try and walk everywhere :+1:t2: If I can walk in to the town centre rather than drive or catch a bus, then I’ll walk. Usually a dedicated walk of 45-60 minutes in addition to just everyday “moving about” brings me up past 10k, it’s also a good way to unwind after a busy day.