Make your Move pt 2!

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

The second half of our Make your Move challenge starts today, 16 January! What does this mean?

Those of you with current streaks of at least 13 days have the opportunity to continue your streak to have an opportunity of the big prize. You’ll need a streak of at least 29 days in order to be eligible :muscle:t2:

For those who are had trouble streak syncing in the first half, we’ve released a fix for syncing issues in the update just released so make sure you update your app at the earliest opportunity :+1:t2:

:rotating_light: :point_down:t2: Some important reminders :point_down:t2: :rotating_light:

  • You need to have actively logged either in the app, or in your respective Health app, at least 17 minutes of activity (the activity doesn’t really matter-it can be pretty much anything: yoga, cycling, bouldering, football etc)
  • You do need to open your app at least once each day after you have completed any external training that you have done. Once you have opened your app, any external activities logged in your respective Health app will sync with the Freeletics app, and you will see your Blue Base progress bar fill up! This means that you need to open your Freeletics app EVERY day to sync your Base.
  • Step activity, and indeed any activity recorded passively by either your mobile device or a watch, will not count towards your Base. If you are going on a walk, and want this to count towards your Base, start recording a Walk in whichever app you are using.

:trophy: Prizes still up for grabs! :trophy:

  • Have a minimum consecutive streak of 13 days between Jan. 16th - 31st
    Prizes: Another round of Airpods Pro, 100 EUR Lululemon gift card
  • :gift: For the grand finale prize (end of month), entrants must:
    Have a minimum consecutive streak of 29 days between Jan. 1st - 31st
    Prizes: Adjustable dumbbells and a sleek Arcteryx jacket (up to 500 EUR)

Let’s keep moving, and good luck!



So is the prize draw for the first half today?

Hey Tim :wave:t2:

Yes, our first winner was drawn today!


22 Days :fire::fire::fire:

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Got the :zap:!

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Nice effort Tim :muscle:t2: That’s a really nice looking streak!


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When is the prize draw for part 2?

I believe it’s happening as I type!

:crossed_fingers:t2: :crossed_fingers:t2: :crossed_fingers:t2: :crossed_fingers:t2: :crossed_fingers:t2:

I’ll share the post as soon as I can below :point_down:t2:


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Ok, the final 2 prize winners have been notified :+1:t2:

They were also announced on our Social Media post re the challenge :point_down:t2:


Nice one