Less PB and more training?

Hi, I have done my fair share of training yourneys and it seems as I progress (currently at level 45) I get more and more of the “beat your PB” sessions and less of the none time challenging training such as “Strengh” “Conditioning interval” etc. I personally enjoy the non “beat your PB” sessions more and I therefor wonder if it is possible to do any kind of setting to adjust this in the app? I like to train with kettlebell and resistance band and such training is almost never happening in the “beat your PB” sessions.

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In my experience the more days you train the less % of gods/pb’s. There is always one god per week. It also depends on the type of journey. Examples for this week for me (Weight free gain)

Train 4x per week = 3 intervals day and 1 god day
Train 3x per week = 2 interval days, one god day
Train 2x per week = 1 interval one god day

When i did balanced burn there were more god days and less occasional interval

Thanks! I have the exact opposite. Now doing “Explosive Strength” yourney I have 3 God wo and 1 interval this week.

The “Beat your PB” sessions are part of the Freeletics experience-and as the workouts are standardised it’s very easy to track progress.

However, a little workaround for you-you can almost always get an “Interval” instead of a “Beat your PB” session if you use the adapt session and select the “I need to train quietly” option. Sometimes you might also need to use it along with the “I want a different session” option.

It won’t always give you an interval, but in most cases it will.


Hi! I have the same issue - the more I train, the more I get PBs. 3 per week is too much if I train 4 times a week.

Advice to TRAIN QUIETLY is nice, but turns off active parts. If Changing foar another session, I always get another PB. So not helpful.
Is there a possibility to create function to switch PBs on/off? No chancefor real progress if only trying to beat PBs. I know that I can find regular exercises in other sections but why then not create separate section for testing personal bests? That would be interesting. I would willingly test myself in such way.

I totally agree with you Ilze. I would like to have 1 PB session per week at the most (when doing 4 trainings/week) . I feel that the PB sessions are often just a couple of minutes training compared to the intervals and I feel that my development has come to a halt when only doing PB sessions all the time… It wasn´t like this when I began training almost a year ago, then the PB sessions where quite rare in my journey.

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That’s how different preferences can be.
With level 122 and three training days a week, I have two God workouts and one interval in the current Journey.
I haven’t seen the “beat your PB” as a real challenge to beat my PB for a long time.
For one thing, my PBs on some workouts are just already good, and for another, it depends on a lot of factors (form on the day, general fitness, food, drink, sleep, and as a woman, your biology). I give what I can, but love exactly this challenge.
My god workouts sessions are by no means shorter than the interval days, it depends a lot on what the individual performance level is.
When the workouts come as triples, it takes a little longer than two really challenging intervals :slight_smile:
What I want to say: even if it’s really annoying sometimes because there are too few or too many intervals or gods in it - the coach knows best. It’s also about getting out of your comfort zone.
And with the Quick Adapt you can actually always tickle out an interval session if you really don’t want to do a god.

Yes, Niklas, absolutely the same situation. PB sessions are mostly very short and they are targeted on performing tasks in shorter time as possible. Not the giving god workouts as such. I think I will do as follows - if app gives me PB with god workout I skip PB part and will take regular god training instead. Will take a look if this is possible. I prefere 20 minutes instead of 3.


Thanks, melaLetics, for sharing experience. Our issue is a bit different we are getting shorter traing as we expect - 2-3 min instead of 20. So we do not feel progressing. Lets see how it will go.:slightly_smiling_face: