Mobility alongside Weightlifting Journey

Let me start by saying how much I love my weight training journey in freeletics coach. I am amazed by the progress I make and love the way the training is kept fresh through variations in each session the coach generates for me. I do weight training and do that in the gym in the afternoon, every other, or every third day. I also do simple recovery exercises, stretching and general mobility exercises at home in the morning after getting up to improve my general mobility as an older athlete. I choose the exercises from the menu for alternative daily exercises in the coach tap. Is there a way, that the coach could generate exercises for a mobility-morning routine as well, in parallel to my main weightlifting journey? Especially for older athletes, a morning routine regarding recovery, stretching and mobility is of great value to keep fit into old age. Choosing a journey based only on mobility exercises, I personally would find a bit to little for my activity level. Any tipps or advice?


Hey @timtin and a big welcome :wave:t2:

That’s amazing to hear-it’s great to hear that you are enjoying your training :muscle:t2:

At the moment, the Coach won’t assign this to you-so you should continue to add some of the Recovery & stretching workouts. I know many Athletes that do this daily. I’m not sure if you’ve tried it but 360 Flexibility Flow is a good workout if you want to improve flexibity for the whole body :+1:t2:


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