Stretching Workouts

Would be nice to have full stretching sets rather than just a couple of selection.

Maybe full mobility ones and an option to add it as regular routine exercises in addition to the regular workouts.

This helps when recovering mobility and/or post injuries.


Not only that but but just in general being more flexible. Things like cossack squats (lunges?) Need flexible and strong legs.

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Hey Ricardo,

Do you mean something additionally to the various Recovery & Stretching workouts?

I think we have a few of these in the app, I often add one to my end of session training.


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Hey Ben, actually something more advanced than selected workouts.

The main ideia is to have the same daily structure we have for the regular workouts (coach) but with stretching.

Using a sequence where your body will be continously improving flexibility and recovery through a carefully thought out routine that will improve your overall performance in addition to cardio or strength workouts.

Kind of using it as a separate workout option or as a second addon workout.


This is a great idea! I also would love to see mobility addressed more in the app. Using progressions similar to the existing skill progressions to focus on improving mobility in certain areas of the body as part of the coach’s daily recommendations.

Additionally, mobility is something that can be done every day. I would like to have the coach assign mobility exercises on my non-training days both to recover from prior training and to prepare for what is to come.



Not only do I fully support @ricardo remarks, but I will add that a lot of the warm up content is out of reach for me (90 to 90, Pigeon left/right, various versions of Deep squat hold…) and it would be great to have real mobility content instead of high level yoga exercises for people (like me) who are not good at all when it comes to flexibility.