Progressions in mobility and stretching exercises

Are there the possibility in the future to have progressions in mobility and stretching exercises? I ask this because they are the same at every journey, by years.


I would second this. More focus on stretching and mobility would be welcoming (more difficult progressions and maybe more variety).

I’ve said this in one of the previous topics. I normally do 10ish min of my own stretching/mobility routine before even starting FL workout.


I’d love to improve flexibility by stretching

i am with you. i love progressing with freeletics and would also love to do so at stretching exercises :slight_smile:

I’m just curious: what should a progression in stretching look like?
In yoga classes, I learnt not to evaluate and not to compare. So I never wished a dedicated progression, just felt the stretch and was thankful my body did the crazy shit I demanded before. I know I improved on some stretches and increased mobility - but this happened as positive side effect.

Well, take like example, table twists exercise. It could progress for a bridge, static or dynamic.

There are some really good mobility standards out there that help to set a healthy baseline standard for someone who doesn’t have any injuries. The NIH follows The Functional Movement Screen (FMS)™ which is a great way to assess basic mobility. Physical Therapists use more measured and quantitative approaches to measuring mobility based on the angles and ranges of joint mobility. Both of these are probably too much for Free Athletes and typically are better set for a medical context but establishing a base set of movements that can set a standard for mobility and then having a scoring system and progressions that allow athletes to measure their progress would be really powerful for overall health and living standards for a lot of people. The Ready State (TRS) does a really good job of this, but having something built into Freeletics could be very powerful. Even better would be to assign active recovery days that focus on mobility so that athletes can get coach assigned ‘workouts’ 7 days per week instead of the current limit of 5 days.


Late answer but one example would be to first test flexibility for few areas, for example, the straddle or side spilt.

Then, a set of exercises to eliminate/reduce tension in the stretched muscles. Warm-up, static stretches and then various routines of different difficulty levels.

The exercices could focus on the Stretch-Tense-Relax method (timed, with different degrees of tension applied) or some other ways.

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