Monthly goal/elective/specificity

I thought it would be amazing if you could choose a single-exercise goal/elective every month to work towards. For example, I am currently trying to work on my pullups. There could be a pull-ups rep max test at the beginning of the month, then every other day a skill technique focusing on shoulder pull-ups, jumping pullups and so on with the adequate progression, until a final rep max test a the end of the month.
Every month you could choose from the single exercise library what you want to work towards, specifically during this month: pullups, archer push-ups, pistol squat, etc…


Hey Nano, we are working on this kind of feature, although not perhaps in the direct way you suggested. But you are, or will be able to in the next 2 weeks, able to select now specific skill progressions that you want to work towards. I shared some detail on this below :point_down:t2:

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