More Comprehensive Gym Workout

I’m looking for a weight training journey that will allow me to use barbells, dumb bells, kettlebells, and a multi-gym (the standard equipment available in any gym). Why does none exist? I thought the point of Freeletics was as a substitute for an in-person trainer, but all of the journeys are either too narrow or involve very strange variations of body-weight exercises.

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Hi @stephentaylorr, welcome to the forum!

Maybe someone from Freeletics can answer more in detail for any future update. Still, concerning what you can do now if you choose the hybrid journey and enable all the equipment, the Coach will propose intervals including dumbbells and kettlebells during your « bodyweight » days.
But yeah, I agree if you are looking for a full gym experience, this is not ideal as currently, you cannot track weight for dumbbells and kettlebells in this journey and the exercises allocated are somewhat inconsistent and therefore not suitable for progressive overload.
Hopefully, that will change in the future!

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A substitute for a trainer maybe, but not for a gym. 90% of the equipment you find in a gym just won’t be used in the app.

I think what the app does do well, is helping you get great results with actually very little equipment.

I think that would contradict the free in Freeletics. All other free weights are available like dumbbell, barbell, resistance and kettlebell. I also don’t think this will come in the future since you actually need to go to a gym, what is not needed at the current state.