Gym machine and free weight exercise

Hello Grp members
I am using Freelectics for a while now and I want to now transition to tracing on Gym machines and weights I can’t find a training journey that covers gym equipment’s . Can anyone guide which one it will be

Hey @sachinrawal :wave:t2:

So if you want to train with weights using Freeletics, you’ll want to choose the Barbell Training Journey in the app.

And if you plan on using weights in your gym, you’ll only need to hit the free-weights section to complete your Coach session :+1:t2:

There are lots of benefits to training with free weights :muscle:t2:


And what about gym machines ?
Is there any proper gym training plan or I need to switch now to some other app ?

You can use your Freeletics app at your gym - but you will only need the free weights section.

Edit: You might find the below posts on our blog helpful :point_down:t2:


So this means if I need a full fledge gym equipment training that is not available in freelectics and I have look for an alternate

I am not sure I understand.

If your training goal is to “train with different gym machines” then yes, Freeletics is probably not the right solution for you,

However, if your training goal is to “build muscle” and look ripped, then training with the absolute best personalised AI Training Coach out there (aka Freeletics) is definitely the best solution.