More granular skill progression steps and better explanation

Hi there,

There are some skill excercises in the app which definitly need more granual progression steps.
For example the dragonflag…
The step from jack knives to full body length dragonflags is way to big. There should be more granular steps in between like: negative dragonflags, tucked dragonflags, one leg dragonflag etc.
Also the explantion for that excercise has to be more detailed. Currently there is no explanation which muscles has to be tightened to get and stay in full control of the movement.
Maybe u can collab with some really good content creators on youtube like FitnessFAQ which explains really well how to do the excercises ( Fitness FAQ - How to dragonflag? Steps and Progressions)


Yeeesss please !

Completely agree.

Same is with Pull-ups: It goes from 5 time negative pull-up to one normal pull-up.
There are many steps in between these two. When you feedback that it was too hard, you go back to 5 negative pull-ups.