Murph Challenge

I am doing the Murph Challenge this weekend. Wouldn’t it have been cool, to be able to do this in the FL App or if there would have been a community challenge?

@athletes @Ambassadors next year maybe?

Murph is a CrossFit Brandmark Workout. So I don’t see any chances this will ever be an official Freeletics Challenge.
And to be honest: I did it two times (when I did Crossfit a couple of years ago) and Murph isn’t an healthy workout. Even in Crossfit Games they spitted the execution to rounds.

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Well, doesn’t have to be a Freeletics workout.
I remember some years ago there was a Freeletics starting wave at Spartan Race Munich. Distinctly non-Freeletics but cool nonetheless. A benchmark for people to experience, how Freeletics has changed them.
In that, Murph is similar and clearly has transcended its CrossFit legacy.

A lot of Free Athletes do the Murph (healthy or not) without ever having been to a Box.

Doing the one or the other (CF or FL) is really down to financial and time ressources of an individual person, isn’t it?

At least for me if I had no time restraints whatsoever I could see myself going to a gymn or a box frequently, working out in a group, competing with each other.
But I don’t live in an ideal world, so I am more than happy with FL.
What I am saying is, that the different brands serve different markets.
In conclusion: I think Freeletics would not harm their brand if they jumped on the Murph-Wagon, too (albeit late to the party…).

Plus: How about earning a Freeletics Patch by completing Murph? I would like to see those patches on Platecarriers. :sunglasses:

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I think more of these kind of challenges would be a great addition to Freeletics especially for people you have been training with the coach for a very long time. Maybe if you are into Murph then try out some of the new rewoken gods like Atlas or Uranos? :smiley:

Btw there was an official Spartan Race Munich Wave, you even got a shirt that featured the FL logo and was cobranded by Spartan for participating in that wave :slight_smile: Nonetheless, there are a lot of unofficial Fl groups competing in these races formed by people who got to know each other through the app.

Yes, would have loved to have been in that Spartan-Race Wave. However, Munich is a long way from the North Sea Coast :sob:

Will look at those gods though :slightly_smiling_face:

These are the rewoken gods :slight_smile: :

  1. Atlas

  2. Kronos

  3. Gaia

  4. Thanatos

  5. Uranos