Would this Journey interest you?

So yeah, some people in my community were talking about this and how they missed the old “Just Gods” routines. Some of them pointed out that Freeletics used to be more demanding and results would come quicker…what do you guys think? Do “intervals” give you a headache and would just like to go face to face with the Gods?

Participate in the poll and let’s find out if it’d be a good idea to have such a Journey.

Only God-Routines based Journey, what do you think?
  • Totally, it’d be cool!
  • Not my thang…
  • Naaaah…

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@BETO could you please explain the difference between “Not my thang” and “Naaah”?

Isn’t the “Hardcore Journey” only Gods?

Hey @TomG , I personally haven’t tried the “Hardcore Journey” but have heard from people in my community who have and for what I can gather, that journey also includes intervals and drills am I right?

Some people would love to have what they call “The old” FL, which is basically just gods and nothing else.

Haha…now I see that it might be confusing or incomplete, but when I wrote “Not my thang”, it seemed right to me, to convey something like “I’m not necessarilly interested in the idea, but won’t say No”

Haha…so I hope that everyone who voted that feel a bit that way about it hehe.

Hi @BETO , I actually haven’t done this journey either, I assumed it was only Gods but maybe not :slight_smile:
Yeah that would be great! I remember the alteration with the “Endurance”, “Normal”, or “Strength” version of each God as well, that was quite cool.

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I do agree that workouts during journeys I’m doing lately seem “easier” than they used to be. And no, it’s not that I’m fitter…… I think they’re actually less challenging.

Uhh I love that idea! I think intervals are great to get started but the gods just feel like the most epic challenges… :heart_eyes:

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Would you still include partial god workouts or do you want a full-god-only journey?

And do you indicate the coach that a training session has been “too easy” for you?.

I personally rarely have done it, so I reckon that sometimes I myself may be guilty of finding some training sessions not very challenging.

I think it’s maybe easier to do get to do a harder workout when it’s just thrown upon us and not when we have to choose it; does that make sense? haha; like, at the start Freeletics was more like: Here, an Aphrodite, deal with it!

Good question…I don’t know to be honest hahaha. Back in the days, it was just full gods and it was like, all or nothing you know. I remember that my mindset back then when I’d see what the God of the day was, was like: “Dang…this looks terribly exhausting, I bet it’ll take me forever…” Like, it’d take a lot of mental strenght to get started but once into it I had this feeling of “not looking back now”, and I’d push myself to get through. And maybe that’s what sometimes some people see is lacking ¿?.

I know the feeling you are referring to. However, you forget how hard Freeletics used to be for beginners. Due to the full god workouts, the risks of overtraining and injuries were much higher.

Why don’t you use the feedback feature? If your journey is too easy, then this is probably your own fault. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nevertheless, since there are so many gods, I’d also like to see a full god-only journey. I also feel like I progressed faster back then. :+1:

I agree with u. I just felt more “ huffing and puffing” during hybrid strength journey than I do during kettlebell journey.

Sounds great, would try this​:blush::muscle:

Oh hahaha I’m not asking specifically for myself, it’s a topic we touched in my community. I’m not sure I’d sign up for that kind of challenge now.

It’s true that you’d see progress faster, but maybe that’s an impression we had back then because when we started we weren’t at the same level we might be today both physically and mentally…and it’s easier to make progress when you come from Level 0. That was my case at least.

I was one of those beginners when I started using Freeletics…I even remember setting a lot of relatives of mine to get started with me. Most of them just quit withing the first week :sweat_smile:, cuz…who in their right head could go through an Aphrodite several times a week? lol…I know I did, and I loved the way I was pushed, out of pure pride sometimes.

Nowadays, with some extra marbles in my head I’m more about the right technique and actually feeling what I’m doing, not just rishing through it…

So, I don’t know…I guess it has its pros and cons, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a journey just like that…

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I also feel that there should be a journey with just God workouts. The toughness & resilience it demanded to overcome the Gods was the drug that always kept me coming back to the training ground. I loved it, and now miss it a lot. I wish it was back.

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The harcore journey contains a lot of gods, but also intervalls and skill progressions. And yeah… if you are above level 100 its realy hardcore… :shushing_face: