My First Injury

A day before finishing my 13th consecutive perfect week, 3 months into my Freeletics experience, I have got myself injured!

Playing soccer yesterday my calf just ‘went’, it feels like cramp and is uncomfortable to walk on.

I really hope it heals quickly so I don’t lose all the momentum I’ve been compounding over the last 13 weeks.

I don’t really have a point to this post, I guess I’m just a bit bummed about it. Any advice would be appreciated though.


I’m sorry to hear about your accident. Of course perfect weeks are awesome, I myself had never achieved the 10 week badge despite several years. But Freeletics is not a temporary diet journey, it’s a long term lifestyle. Unplanned developments like accidents, illness or time management problems are simply part of it. :innocent:

Mental strength doesn’t just mean that you start again after a break in training, but that you do what is best for you in the situation and can feel happy about it.

An injury in your calf muscles may limit you in some exercises, but it doesn’t stop you from doing pull-ups, handstands, flags, or other upper body things. The most important thing in these situations is to stay in the flow as much as possible. Just make sure you don’t overdo it there too… :nerd_face:

Medically, I can give you the following tips:

  • A break is good and makes sense, but as soon as the pain subsides, gentle movement improves blood circulation and thus healing.
  • A doctor should be consulted if the pain is severe or if movement is persistently restricted.
  • Ligaments and tendons are troublesome and healing can take a long time.
  • Kinesio tapes work wonders (at least for me).
  • Soccer is really hard on the joints (especially because of the cleats) and tempts to stupid actions because of the emotions stirred up by the team. Always try to act sensibly. I don’t know any injured athlete who claimed “it was worth it”… :wink:
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Legendary advice, thank you @Josh

I just told Coach to avoid lower leg and, you’re right, there are heaps of things I can still do.

Game on.