Cycle and now injury


I was just about to finish my first cycle, have like 6 sessions left.
But then I first got sick and did not train for almost one week, then direct after I feel and did injury my wrist so I can’t use it at all at the moment.
So not been training for about 1week+ because of this, was hoping it would get better soon, and it is, but just not that fast as I want.

Should I end my cycle bc of this, or just keep on going were I left of when my wrist is better?

Or should I keep going and not do any exercises that put pressure on my wrist?

Sorry to hear that.

Better stay off until you are ready to get back into it.

After some absence coach will ask you if you want to continue current journey or start a new one. Choose whichever you feel like.

It’s better to miss couple of weeks and continue with full health than risk possible new injury.

You can still stay active during recovery. Walking everyday is great to stay active without putting pressure on yourself. Just one example.

All the best!