New Journey Request

Hi Guys!

I would love to see an update on the hybrid journey or the creation of a new journey that would include:

  1. Barbell exercises (more varied than current selection on the hybrid journey)
  2. Dumbbell exercises (with good variety and guidance on the weights, like on the dumbbell journey)
  3. Calisthenics (bodyweight, TRX/Rings, resistance bands with guidance on the resistance provided).
    I feel the hybrid journey is the closest to this one, but does not provide enough variety and so it becomes boring after a couple of times. It also does not provide guidance on the weights on the dumbbells or the resistance on the bands. I find sometimes it is not very balanced, with some workouts having heavy requirements on pull ups or push ups just the day before trying to hit a new PR on heavy weight training. I would love to see a real hybrid journey (good variety and mix of barbell, dumbbell, BW, RB) and where we could focus on one body part per workout (e.g. chest/triceps, back/biceps, legs, core - for a 4 day per week plan), that way we would not risk overtraining a part of the body. What I am currently doing is mixing stronglifts with the dumbbell journey and adding some BW exercises like pull ups, dips, ab wheel, T2B, etc. by myself occasionally, but I would love to have a journey where I did not feel the need to add anything and could just follow the coach. Variety is key to keep people motivated!

Hi @nsnown thanks for your feedback! I posted a few times in relation to upgrading the hybrid journey as well, or creating a few different journeys for like CrossFit, or power lifting. To date, we don’t have any clear answer from Freeletics.
I think it is unlikely we would see a split like chest/triceps, back/biceps, etc as this split is usually seen as less athletic an more bodyuilding. Freeletics strive to be more on the functional fitness/athletic side of the fitness spectrum.

I do agree that after a few rounds of the Hybrid journey, it gets a bit boring, fortunately the hybrid days are there to make things fun. Agreed as well on the weight recommendation during the hybrid days

I agree. I wish there was a journey that truly included HIIT, weights, bodyweight all in the same day. More like Crossfit, where you are out of breath from HIIT/Bodyweight stuff and also are asked to mix in lifting.