CrossFit Style Journey | Rework of Hybrid Journey

Hi everyone,

I used to train with the Weight Hybrid Journey and moved to a CrossFit Gym for a few months. Now going back to the gym I found that the Hybrid Journey is the closest thing to a CrossFit-style program in Freeletics, but some things are still missing.
Here are some suggestions to, in my opinion, create the best CrossFit Style Freeletics Journey.
Let me know what you think and keen to discuss! :smiley:

1 - Barbell skills progression
As we have for bodyweight movements and dumbbell movements, it would be great to have barbell movement progression for Olympic Lifts. This way we could work toward the Satch, and Clean & Jerk. Some progressions could be Strict Press, Push Press (volume), Overhead Squat, Jerk, Split Jerk, Snatch Pull, Clean Pull, etc…

2 - Spread out the Barbell Days
Currently, in the Hybrid Journey (5 days/week), 2 days are pure lifting days. If we follow a CrossFit-Style approach, these days could be spread out during the week, in order to have 1 or 2 lifts every day, instead of 7 over 2 days. This would enable to have more stimulus over the week and not get exhausted over 2 days of strength work. This would also enable for more time during each sessions of the week to mix in some cardio or accessories.

3 - Adding machine/new exercises
This is more of a bonus add-on to this post, but having rowing intervals, bike intervals, and fan bike intervals. In terms of Coach Feedback and AI design, this could either be based on 1km pace (e.g. row 3x1km at 2.30/500m pace) or calories-based or watts-based for bike and fan bike.
The addition of Dball for wall balls, ball hug, Dball clean, would be a nice addition, but not necessary as a first step I think.

4 - Assigning weight for Dumbbell and Kettlebell in Journey
Currently, the Coach assigns an exercise but not the tailored weight, it would be a great addition to be able to prescribe weight during an interval.

5 - Adding Barbell exercise in intervals
In the Hybrid Journey, all the intervals are either purely barbell or bodyweight and dumbbell/kettlebell. It would be great to mix some barbell exercises into the intervals. e.g. an interval could be: Deadlift, box jump, kettlebell swings, and burpees.

6 - putting it all together
Putting all the above together, a “typical” day could look like this:

  • Warmup - 5 min
  • skill progression work (example: pull ups or double unders or snatch pull) - 3 min
  • Lift 1 (ex: Back squat) - 10 min
  • Lift 2 (Front squat) - 10 min
  • Cardio (either a machine interval, a Freeletics God, or interval with bodyweight, kettlebell and dumbbell) - 20 min
  • accessories (Ab interval as we currently see in the hybrid journey or low-intensity bodyweight/band interval, or challenge like 20 leg wipers on each side) - 5 min
  • Cooldown - 5 min

Total time: 58-60 min

In my opinion, this sort of training can get you the most bang for your buck and the fittest possible. I know this is more of a “wish list” and there probably is 0 chance that any of these will be added haha but I would be keen to get your views! (if anyone is still reading :sweat_smile:)




@TomG Really nice, totally agree!

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Thanks for the feedback @TristandeLaat !


I know we’re dreaming but I hope this would come one day haha


I’m currently doing the Hybrid Journey for the first time, and so far I’m loving it, but I would love to see some things you mentioned, like mixing barbells exercises in the intervals… another thing that I would love to see is the recommended weight for dumbbells… I always pick the weight based on the number of reps.



Hi @carlossantos , thanks for your feedback!
Yeah I totally agree, it seems crazy that for a Barbell journey we are not seeing this piece of equipment being added to the “Hybrid” days. It would add so much more versatility to the training.
And yes, also totally agree on the recommended weight for Dumbbells and Kettlebell. As the “hybrid” days are always changing, I feel like it’s always a guessing game when it comes to picking a weight that would suit the workout. And the annoying thing is that if you feel like the weight you picked was too heavy or too light, there is little chance you will be able to adjust next time, because you won’t see that exercise coming up again the following week.
A recommendation would also help us to know what sort of stimulus we should be expecting from the workout: ‘Should it be a heavy set with slow reps til failure, or fast pace workout for conditioning?’


Honestly, I love your opinion. :+1:


Hi @Gustavo Thank you for your feedback! That’s awesome to know that an Ambassador likes this idea.
It would be great to have the opinion of the Freeletcis Team to know if we’re dreaming or not :joy:


That would be a really great journey


Thanks for your feedback @SteffenBy ! It would be awesome indeed! I feel like that would always be my go to Freeletics Journey. And also it could attract a lot more people to the app


I love this idea of getting a ‘CrossFit’ style training journey but I would prefer it to be its own journey and to keep the Hybrid journey there too.

I used to do a lot of CrossFit but when I moved to Freeletics, it was kind of nice to do some barbell strength work and the body weight circuits. A good little change of pace and hit other aspects of the body.

I do miss the rower though.


Hi @gellous That’s a good idea and potentially easier to implement en Freeletics side, starting from scratch instead of tweaking things. This would add more diversity to the training journey portfolio as well.


I love this idea. Did Hybrid Journey last year and Crossfit more recently and loved both kinds of training. Having the chance to have a more CrossFit type of journey or a kind of modified Hybrid journey would be amazing.

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I would love a crossfit journey as you described! That’s perfectly described the hybrid strength journey could be upgraded or added as a new journey. I am looking into other apps like kernwerk from time to time, because they are doing this kind of training. But the app is not as smooth as freeletics. So i decided to stay and live with the compromise of hybrid strength not beeing totaly crossfit-style…

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Thanks for your feedback @kaeptnalex !
Some barbbell Olympic lifts are now available via the workout builder, as well as burpees over row! Maybe that’s a good sign we’ll be able to have something similar to what I suggested here soon!


I love this idea! but agree with the above posts that I would prefer to see this happen in addition to the existing Hybrid journey.

An example of why… I only have the ability to go to the gym twice per week and don’t have access to a full gym on the other days. The way it is structured now, allows me to do this.

Adding to this amazing suggestion, if Freeletics could allow us to define which days our equipment is available and adjust the coach workouts accordingly, that would be incredible and I would mush rather do a CrossFit style workout every day than the two strength and 3 bodyweight days.


That’s a good point @AOhReallyUh ! I hadn’t thought of that but it’s true that having the two would offer more diversification in « Hybrid »style training


Please do it


Hi everyone!
For those interested in that topic, I found an alternative to have this kind of Journey on Freeletics.

If you still have access to the old Freeletics Gym app, chose the goals « increase fitness » and « become an athlete »

The Coach will design each week with the same sort of schedule that we’ve been discussing here:

Each day will start with a Barbell Superset, followed by a cardio piece.

Examples of supersets:

The cardio piece will either by a barbell God workout or a rowing interval.

Examples god workouts:

Examples rowing intervals:

I hope that helps!

Let me know what you think!



Why this isnt an option anymore in the regular app, it is just soo good