Strength Journeys improvements request

Hi there I have used the app for several years and I miss something.
Regarding Strength journeys there are separate journeys for

  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebell
  • Barbell

But I do not see any journey that combines the 3 of them, and that would we a good combination. Or I cannot jump from one to the other. I have to stop the journey and start a new one.

Currently I am doing the Dumbbells and I miss exercises from the hybrid Strength… doing pull ups or using the rope…

My ideal training would be a mix of the three, adding all the elements + bar for pullups or the rope or also a weight ball. And ending up with a hitt or core training per session.


Hi @alfonso.olias.sanz ,

That’s a great feedback! and I think Freeletics is currently working on improving the training journey and not being restricted to a Journey’s restrictions: e.g. Dumbbell journey just being able to use dumbbells.

Hopefully that comes soon!

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Another insight.
When you finish a journey and starts the same or another. You start from the very beginning and do not considers your progression

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I feel the same, you just fill in the quiz you did before at the barbell journey. It doesnt make you progrress