New performance Metric - the Daily Athlete Score (DAS)

I would say 2 looks the most intuitive one because of the clear colour difference and you’re still able to see the number of the date.


In the meantime, I designed an alternative version


@Sylvain whatever design you choose, it would be a good idea to use the same version for the week view on the coach tab so users do not need to memorize two different systems. :call_me_hand:t2:


Hey @konrad.neugebauer thanks for sharing your feedback. :clap:

That is currently our thinking. If the Coach workout lasted less than 17 mins, you would need extra fix minutes to hit your base and get the Consistency point for the day. What do you think?

Hey @GianLuke very good point. I am curious, what kind of information do you imagine to know about the session you had to understand your progress? Duration maybe, or points?

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Hi @idil.bozay . It’s a tricky one and I can see how there might be different opinions.

  1. For journey motivation purpuses I would count any completed coach day towards the DAS consistency score.
  2. Howecer, for “logical consistency” I would go with your current thinking, i.e. aim for 17 minutes each day nomatter what.

The current visualisation options look more like option (1) to me. This is reflected in the reply of @CrystalEYE to my previous post. For example, bright orange with 2 tick marks looks superiour to just a single blue tick mark. I would not have guessed that I may still need to do more work when seing this in my calendar. If you chose to go with (2) then it has to be obvious whether a day counts towards DAS or not. This is irrespective of wether it’s a coach day or a free training day.

Suggestion: A single tick for any training and two ticks for reaching the 17 minutes goal for the day. Coach days could still be orange and “other” days blue but two ticks would always be better than one =)

Hi Sylvain,

does this mean consistency drops, if there’s no gadget linked to the app that measures activity during base days? I have no gadget such as a Fitbit it so and I’m not thinking of buying one since I do not want to be measured 24/7. However, your change suggests that one is punished for not registering every bit of activity. If that is the case, I would find this rather overreaching.

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@Sylvain This is a good point :point_up:t2::point_up:t2::point_up:t2:

Hey idl.bozay, regarding the ‘search’ functionality to monitor my progress, I am referring to a simple feature that allows me to quickly navigate through my Freeletics feed by searching for a specific date or keyword (for example, searching for ‘pull-ups’) to find the relevant training session and the description I wrote each time. Additionally, it would be beneficial to be able to review the feedback I provided. This feature would enable me to understand various aspects of my progress, such as the number of reps I completed in a particular exercise, the type of training session, and viewing any photos I posted. It’s a very basic feature. Now I must spend a lot of time scrolling through the feed, which frequently crashes.

I agree with this. I have recently removed the connection between Freeletics and Apple Health because of all the bugs I was experiencing. My base “streak” is gone now, but I’m fine with this.

In addition to the bugs, Freeletics assigned me a 1.5 km run recently and I decided to record it with my watch. I ended up with a “base” that recorded the coach running session plus the run as an external activity even though they are both the same thing. Also, with the connection gone, I am now using the watch to record move/calorie data and the numbers it produces seem a little more realistic than the overinflated numbers Freeletics writes to Apple health.

If the new consistency scores uses base data, then I will be penalized for this. Although maybe I will just ignore it as I am ignoring the base streak now.

It looks really nice! I agree that this is much better than current and proposed ones.

I would like to have the option, to add p.e. a swim session in between my coach sessions.
I want freelethics not just to be my coach but to be my one and only app, to see my physical activity.

Usually I do 2/3 sessions with my coach but sometimes I do swimming and running in between. I dont want to add an exercise where i have to look for one special thing but clicking on the day → add other session - > Running/swimming/walking/Volleyball etc. with a duration and thats it. So i can see what ive done this week.

Thank you in advance. I still love FL! There is no other app for me.

Also to me, this is most appealing. This is also, because it includes activities outside Freeletics which many of us pursue, I am sure. Thank you very much, Pawel!

I struggle with the meaningfulness of the DAS quite a bit. Especially with outside-FL activities like ski tours in winter, running, hiking or biking in summer, strength training and other activities outside FL etc.

First, there is an apparent tension between the DAS and required recreation/recovery resulting from such outside-FL activities.

Second, and despite I understand that the DAS is still w.i.p., the DAS to me seems inconsistent. Since I have not read through each and every other post: Has the the prioritization/correlation between the main factors performance and consistency been already reflected?

Weighing them 50% each seems contra-intuitive. To my understanding (which is by all means amateur), performance is the natural consequence of consistency. But it also bases on other relevant factors like general and current health, nutrition, sleep quality and recreation. So, weighing performance and consistency overemphasises consistency - and consistency solely focusses on Freeletics attendance.

This is also a bit demotivating, because depending on the family, and job situation as well as soft factors like fresh snow and sunshine etc., Freeletics will only be the second-best option to improve one’s fitness and health (both physical and metal).

Oh dear, if hitting your base is needed to gain consistency points in the future, I am back to ignoring the DAS completely again. :slight_smile:
I do a lot of biking and skating besides FL, but I do not track it and I do not want to.


Hello everyone :wave:

Following the update to the Speed and Stamina metrics in the DAS, here comes the Strength metric update. Here’s what’s new:

Strength Overview by Body Groups: We’ve revamped our logic and enriched the contributing exercises to provide you with a comprehensive view of your strength across different body groups: Upper body push, Upper body pull, Lower body, and Core.

Overall Strength Score: Your overall strength score now reflects the average of your scores from these groups. Plus, we’ve introduced a group score feature, highlighting your highest score achieved within each group. You can delve into the details of contributing exercises, including both weighted and bodyweight exercises.

Enhanced Logic for Clearer Insights: We’ve fine-tuned our logic to offer you a better understanding of your strength profile. Whether it’s identifying your strengths or pinpointing areas for improvement, this update provides clearer insights into your fitness journey.

Identify Strengths and Areas for Improvement: With the new group scores, you can easily identify your strengths and areas where you can push further. Each group comes with detailed stats, including your highest rep or 1-rep-max, and corresponding scores benchmarked against similar athletes.

Tips for Improvement: Wondering how to boost your score? We’ve got you covered. Regular training with Coach will gradually elevate your workouts and, consequently, your score. If you’re new to fitness, Coach can help you establish the right techniques. And for those seeking an extra challenge, explore additional exercises to push your limits while listening to your body.

This is gradually being released with the latest app update of the app. Dive in, explore, and let us know what you think :clapclapstatic:

Finaly strength history will be registered ! Thankyou, now i see finaly what my one-rep max is! Design of the insights is a little bit basic, but it is a start!

First feedback:

it makes no sense to give me a score of 100 for completing 25 pullups in like 5 minutes.

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It has been like this for a while now with the Stamina score as well. For example, it says that I can do 50 burpees. Now, there is no way I can do 50 burpees without a bunch of breaks. But then it says I can do 30 lunges. I can do 30 lunges way way easier and without breaks but 50 burpees… uh no…

Now that the Strength metrics are showing, the whole DAS system seems really wonky and arbitrary. I thought there was more going on behind the scenes. I don’t really see that my DAS numbers give me insight into much of anything. I guess the speed numbers are a bit useful in showing me how slow I am with the God workouts…

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