Progression path (pushups)

Hey all, noob here therefore sorry for any inconvenience:

It’s not a bug or technical problem (I think):

I got coach subscription (home, no equipment, or barely)…

I chose a progression path added to my coach programs as suggested by the app coach (progression push-ups), it all started okay but after say 3 sessions, the progression is like stuck on the same “tier”, and I even finished a program and started a new one, and the apps constantly inserts the push-up progression round on the next day, but it never happens, it keeps pushing it to the next, or 2 next days every day… I hope I’m explaining myself correctly :sweat_smile:

Could abyine shed some light on this? Does it happen to you?

Thank you and again sorry for any inconvenience.

Hey Sergio :wave:t2:

First of all a big welcome to the Community :muscle:t2:

Ok, Pushup (I’ll call it PU from now on) Skill. So what you are saying is you have a PU Skill workout in one of your upcoming Coach sessions but it keeps getting pushed back, so you never seem to be able to complete it?

How many Skill Paths are you working on currently? Are you getting other Skills assigned in your sessions?


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Hello Ben, wow thank you for replying so fast! I hadn’t noticed (I ejabled notifications now)…

So I’m attaching a screengrab of my coach settings, maybe that can help.

I’m just on one program, or journey?
(sorry not yet familiar with Freeletics lingo :blush:)… The coach app suggested me to add a “skill progression”, which I welcomed as I really want to get my upper body going, and so I chose pushups.

It started as expected for a few days inserting a progressive plan every day but then it stopped (I went from 8 to 16 I believe, 8-12-16)…ajd I keep seeing it does insert the skill progression on the next day, or next two days sometimes (??) and yes, when the days come it keeps pushing it forward to the following days… It’s like chasing the sun if you will :sweat_smile:.

Hey Sergio :wave:t2:

Ok, so it’s good that you have just selected the one skill-this will mean that the Coach will assign you a PU skill assignment more regularly than it otherwise would.

This :point_up:t2: can, and should be expected to some degree, although it can be hard to get used to. It’s really not rare for upcoming sessions to change in their composition once you complete a current session. The Coach is always taking your feedback in to account when it comes to session planning, so your feedback can impact upcoming sessions quite a lot.

A couple of tips for you :+1:t2:

  1. Don’t feel like you have to do the assigned sessions in order. If you see a session planned for later in the week that you want to do, simply select it from the week scroll and start it whenever you want :+1:t2: This will basically move that session up to the current day, and the session that was planned for the current day, will shuffle back to the next scheduled training day.

  2. You can still work on your PU skill progression even when not assigned it in a Coach session. Just select Pushups from the Single Exercise section, enter the number of reps you want to log and give the Coach the right feedback.

Hope this all makes sense! Hope you are getting on and enjoying the Weights Free Gain :muscle:t2:


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Awesome Ben, thanos a lot for the tips! Super useful :blush: