Next level Upgrade?

Hello i like this app and its one of best i found, but it still need few improvements to be a TOP.

I would like to see function of create custom exercise in custom creator. Creator is good, but when i want to add exercise what is not listed? I would like to create my own exrcise or combination like variation of burpees with jacks or side turns.

it should be followed with photo or short video and then you can redesign exercises with your athletes and list it officially. (It would be good sourco of creative exercises and movements (combos) from comunity right in app.

If you can exclude exercises it would be great to also be able to INCLUDE list of exercises what you want to work more then others so coach can list them more often (like pull ups)

Custom workout generator (like 1 and 2 photos)
Generator should cointain many informations like
-how long
-how many exercises (should generate at least 2-4 exercises for diferrent body types)
-what body type prefer (abs,upper body)
-workout type (amrap, on time, tabata atd…)
-fitness lvl etc.
-of course additional setting (photo 2) - sec or rep, rounds, supersets or circle settings

Body fatigue map (after each exercise what you finish it would be also lined with the exact muscle activated and how long it will need to recovery.
Of course also created exercised (custom (section 2) need to be linked with part of body or group of muscles for a proper functionality or just custom created exercises will not show in fatigue body)

Its hardest part of this Topic probably, but i saw it in madbarz and Fitbod apps, but they have a lot of different functional problems or missing functions.
But the fatigue body worked good and the coach would also corporate with that musle recovery function.

I would like to have access to this forum right in the app for faster responds on feedback and improvements.

Taking photo after workout should be for self or for feed, but i would like take photo every day right in the app and not share to comunity only for my personal storage. I didnt find this feature in app it only share button with photo taken.

At the end i am happy with Freeletics, and i would like to see same of this upgrades in next months, eapecially point 1. and 3.

I hope you will find this topic usefull, it contain my experience through a lot of workout applications and take a missing parts into one BEST APP.

I would share more photos, but cant i am new here. So then contact me through email and i will send more informations or photos even include one old app with completed generator. (Dont know if it will be usefull without source code).