Where's my Star?

I just set a new PB on an exercise, but the app says: “You were faster than your current PB. Nicely done! But in order to set a new PB, you also need to complete the workout with a star. Keep at it!”

My technique was excellent, and when the app asked if I did the training exactly as suggested, I responded Yes.

I updated the app to 22.30.0 earlier this week.

Anyone else having trouble earning stars?


No problem earning stars, I’m on Android 12 and app version 22.31.0.
You could manually delete and re-log this exercise to check if there is really a problem with this.

Thanks for responding @melaLetics! I deleted the exercise with hopes of manually logging the exercise, but I guess because I completed the session earlier, that’s not an option.

You learn something new every day. :joy:

Yes, you’re right. With the new summarize update it’s not possible anymore. I just checked it yesterday with a self selected exercise.

I have the same issue: after updating to 22.30.0 on iOS 15.6 i can answer that I have performed a ‚star version‘ but it will not be registered as such and also PBs are not updated.

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Same problem here and these Workouts are also not landing in the feed anymore.

Can these personal bests be recovered and listed as what they are somehow?


I’m on iOS 15.6 and app version 22.30.0 and even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Did not help.

Any update on this. Same issue here. Since the latest update I am unable to get any stars for any exercises and therefore no PB’s are being counted.

Unfortunately no update. Not even a reaction to this from freeletics. Hope someone has seen this and is working on a fix.

Same issue here

Bug has ruined my 13th Hell Week! I established PBs for all my WODs, and only the 1st two were registered as such. And since coach was not seeing them, day after day WODs were getting easier and I had to manually ask for « harder ». I had a DIONE programmed at first, was looking forward to it. It was replaced by some 3X METIS… had to go for DIONE today, outside of the HW. Won’t start another journey until this is fixed. I have opened a ticket 3 days ago. No answer so far…

I also have the same issue
Version 22.31.0 with iOS 15.6

Same iussue on iOS 15.6 and app version 22.30🤷🏻‍♂️

You should be able to delete your workout and add it again once Freeletics has fixed the bug. To delete the workout go to your profile and select the workouts at the top. This will show a list of all of your workouts. Select the workout you want to delete and choose the edit option in the top right corner. This will give you the option to delete the workout. You can then add the workout back in manually by selecting the workout like you normally would to do a self-directed workout and hitting the + button in the top right corner. From there you can put in the date and time you completed the workout and the duration of the workout. Hopefully this is helpful to you all if the app update doesn’t automatically correct the stars that were missed.

I was bummed last night I beat PB on Amazona by 28 seconds but didn’t get credit for the PB.


Same here. Quite frustrating…

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This issue persists even after the most recent update which is quite annoying to be honest, because it affects the way the coach is planning future workouts negatively.

In my opinion, the coach-abonnement is not working and I would expect a refund from Freeletics if this issue persists!

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Same issue here! Since three weeks …

Same issue here. Putting them 1 star in the AppStore till this is fixed.

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At least they get their star :wink:


:joy::rofl: @Joa

I updated to 22.32.1, and it appears this version restores our stars; I hope that’s the case for everyone!

Well, I now get my star. But the PB is logged as being completed in 00:00. This ruins any future target for this exercise :rage: :rage: :rage:

@IT: #neversettle #noexcuses