Not able to add two journeys at the same time

Hello. Hope all is good. I was wondering why I can’t add more than one training journey to my Freeletics app.


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Hi @JoeArancino , it is not currently possible to have more than 1 active TJ .


Hi Tom Thanks for kind your reply. My question is more related to why isn’t this possible

Hi @JoeArancino , that is a good question indeed! I’ll let the Freeletics team answer :slight_smile:

What kind of journeys you want to mix?
There are hybrid journeys available.
One weight/bodyweight the other one bodyweight/running.

Hi Latarion, thanks for your reply! I wanted to do a HIIT run journey in the morning and a Dumbell Gain journey in the evenings :slight_smile:

Hard to balance such things, as even the focus might be different, some want to top up their running journey with weights, others just want to have a bit cardio involved.
So they workout selection would be different depending on the focus.

I would love to have a more generic approach, but can imagine it should make sense from training perspective.

Whatever your focus is, choose the journey and top it up with self selected workouts.

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Thanks. It is because I would like to have a prepared plan for both, I am not really an expert when it comes to planning.

I tried to switch to a dumbell gain program while being halfway on the HIIT run but I lost all progress of the latter apparently.

However, would you know what is the reason behind it?

Because I wanted to transfer the future running trainings to a separate excel file, but I cant more than the current week.


As you can have only one journey, if you select a new one, the progress for the existing is gone.

I’m just guessing, but I will try to answer from my own coach’s perspective.

As you said, you are expecting a plan which makes sense to your goals. So what would be your primary focus with weights and running?
Are you trying to build muscles and want some cardio involved? Or a runner who wants to gain muscles for technique improvement?
From these two questions alone, plan will look different and will be even more complex with other things involved and keep in mind this is still a AI.

Meanwhile since there is no coach combining what you are looking for available my advice would be:

What’s the most important thing for you and
Select the journey accordingly. Then either pick separate workouts or exercises.

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Thanks Latarion for finding the time to reply to my question, much appreciated :slight_smile:

I thought that precisely because it was an AI it would have allow that lol.

It is just that I don’t want to focus too much on one at the time, but what you kindly suggested it’s a good compromise.