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Hello everyone! Just started my journey here its just been a day! Really loving the ui experience! Had a query in regards to selecting a journey! I have been working out regularly for the past 3-4months. I also train for boxing 3 times a week. I went for the Dumbell gain journey! Any suggestions if that’s appropriate? Also is there way to add my boxing workout in my schedule just for scheduling? And my last question is it possible to add a running journey along with my current workout? I tried but it asks me to leave the current journey… Thank you!

Ok firstly, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
I’m afraid I don’t feel qualified or knowledgeable enough to tell whether it’s appropriate to train for boxing 3 times a week plus Freeletics so I’ll leave that for someone else. But I’ll try answering the rest :slight_smile:
It is not possible to tell coach that you have done any other sports apart from those in the app, so a few exercises and runs.
Unfortunately there is no way to have two journeys active at the same time. Believe me, I’d like that too :upside_down_face: but you can always just do a running god or a free run. But that won’t really affect your coach.
Hope that helped :slight_smile: and have a strong time training :muscle:

Hi @anupnirvana, I am not professional, but I think you would really benefits from 2 days per week on the Dumbbell Gain Journey to complement your boxing training. From my experience, boxing is predominantly conditioning and adding some pure strength training can be beneficial.
However, you should be careful to not overtrain and listen to your body if you feel like the volume is too much!


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