Obsessed with the tone of the arms that I can't achieve

Hello free athletes!
I’m starting to become obsessed with my arms… Does it happen to anyone else that instead of getting defined muscles they do nothing but grow in volume (but without looking like they are toned)?
I am a 38 years old woman that trains with weights 3 days a week since a year ago. I also practice Ashtanga yoga (a loooot of push ups and arm balances) the rest of the days and have recently started running 5km per week. My habits have been healthy for many years and I currently follow a moderate carb diet with (I believe) enough fat and protein.
During the last few months following the toning with dumbbells training journey I have clearly noticed the evolution in my back, abs and legs, but as I was telling you, my arms don’t seem to get results despite having increased the weight gradually…
Can someone inspire me to understand what could not be working for me? I am reluctant to think that my anatomy is simply not suitable for well-defined arms… Should I just wait more time to get results? Increase the workouts intensity? Shift to different trainings? I would be grateful with a little help from this community… Thank you!

Hey Jessica and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
it sounds like you do the workout part very well as your muscles are growing, but you want to lose a bit of fat in order to “tone” your arms, am I right?
You won’t lose any fat by training but with taking in less calories then you use in a day (but still with a high protein amount so as not to lose your muscle mass). So you’d need to work as hard in the kitchen as in your training.


Thanks for your reply. As frustating as it is, clearly my body stores more fat in my arms than in other parts… So yes, perhaps I need to put more effort in the kitchen XD

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