Any tips for a ectomorph?

Hello every Freeletics members,

First of all, sorry for my english, it is not my mother tongue.
I am very happy that there is a forum here, for those who have not any Facebook account…
One year ago, I decided to be a member of Freeletics because I saw some transformation from some members. I thought it was amazing how their bodies could change…
As I have begun, I was to the level 32 and today it is at 62. I am 50 years old soon, 190 cm, and 85 kg. I do my training four times a week (sunday, monday, wednesday and friday), and use the app Freeletics nutrition too. Here it was at the beginning (I hope you can see my photo):

However, it seems to me that it is very difficult to get some more mass & definition and also strength at the same time. I know I should eat and eat to have some mass, but the problem is that I will take fat too… And I do not want to have too much and then all my clothes do not fit me. And if I want more definition, I should loose weight…

I am ectomorph and I try do to the most exercices my coach is giving to me. But sometimes, it is hard, like to make 15 repetitions of pikes. I mean, since a long time I have to do it, but I just can do 8-10 and then take a little pause, and finish it. I write my feedback, that my technique is perfect, but I prefer saying it was correct as I had to take a little pause.

I always have on my list of excluded exercices “one -handed pushups” or some exercices for pull-ups.

At the beginning of my Freeletics journey, I said to my nutrition coach, that I wanted to have more muscle mass, and I had more kilos but no definition. It was harder to make Venus as today. My muscles did not grew up very much. So I decided to loose them. It is more defined, as here (as today):

But how can I get more muscle without being too fat? I know it is just a dream, but I have this photo as an inspiration:

Does anyone can tell me how to get so shaped? Thank you so much in advance for your help. I hope I was not too complicated…

Hi Yvan,

It‘s hard to give advices on an online forum as we don‘t know you, but I try.

Be patient. I think getting fit/in shape with 50 isn‘t easy, because as older we get, the more the metabolism and the hormone level decreases naturally.
Working out for 1 year isn‘t a long period of time (compared with the decades you didn‘t?)

You could add some weights (e.g. dumbells) to your training and I think with 50 years it‘s even more important to get 100% out of every session (going controlled through the full range of motion of every repetition).

Think about the mental aspect of your training. In general taking a rest between reps or during a interval isn‘t a bad thing, because it could mean that you‘re pushing your limit, but it could also mean that you‘re refusing to do so and staying within your comfort zone.
Take a second when it comes to the intensity level vote a the end of each interval and think about it.

Hello @Yvan

At this point it might be easier to tell a little bit about my experience. I am almost 30 years old and have been doing sports my whole life. I eat quite healthy and basically have an acceptable six-pack all year round (body fat content of approx. 14-16%). For the summer I start to specifically avoid certain products ca. 3 months in advance in order to reduce the body fat content to 11-12%. The photo you posted has a content of around 10-12%.

The reason I’m telling you this:
To look like this all year round is very, very hard mental work and requires a lot of sacrifice (not just training). My friends and I have found that the appearance can be nice for a short time, but keeping these diets will make you unhappy in the long run.

If you still want to achieve the following guidelines to help:

  • Do not pursue the six-pack goal until you have consistently achieved a body fat content of under 16%
  • Set yourself a time-limited goal (e.g. 2 months for starting)
  • Follow a diet with a calorie deficit of max. 200 kcal / day
  • Avoid all processed foods (chips, snacks, restaurants, etc.)
  • Avoid all products that contain refined sugar or the like (e.g. spreads, honey, biscuits, etc.)
  • Switch your diet to ketogenic for the period of time

Good luck!