Arms toning for beginners

Hi everyone,

What exercises do you recommend for arms toning? (If possible quickly :smile: like in a few weeks)
I can barely do 4-5 knee pushups, not always with correct technique. I have 2 dumbells of 1.5 kg each.
What can I do?

A bit of a background - I’m a 36 y.o. female, not overweight, not skinny either, but I’ve been a couch potato my whole life. Started with Freeletics over a year ago, but I’m not consistent, it’s hard to stick to a routine after a lifetime without this habit. But I try… :slight_smile:

I appreciate any advice.


Well create a habit :o)

Stick to the workout days you have selected, no matter the circumstances (excluding being sick), prepare your workout clothes, mark it in your calendar etc

Pushups is a good choice next to your coach assignment. Create a challenge and do some daily on your knees for example

Hi Diana,

best way to create the habit is to connect with other athletes and push each other.
Clapping each other or mastering challenges together gets very addictive.