Option to change weight increments and barbell weight

Hi all -
I’m doing the weight lifting program with my barbell and weights and I’d love to define the base barbell weights (I have a small technique bar with 2.2kg and a women’s barbell with 15kg) and the weight increments. The program usually increments by 2.5kg, but my plates add up to full kilograms, so I’d like to change the increment from 2.5kg to 1kg.

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Hey @Queenie :wave:t2:

I may have misunderstood but this is possible-you can change the weights used in your Coach intervals.

I just answered a similar question which you can see below :point_down:t2:

Sorry if I completely misunderstood! Let us know if this is the case :+1:t2:

Hi Ben-
I know I can change the training weight for a specific session, but not the increments in which I’m supposed to train. It’ll always go in 2.5kg (5lbs?) increments, but my weight plates will always add to full kg. I don’t have 0.125 change plates and sometimes I only want to attempt 1 or 2 kg more.

Hi @Queenie. Thanks for the constructive feedback. I’ll pass this along. :slight_smile:

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Hello, when I want to change weight manually for particular exercises during the training it is just possible to select between 0,5,10. I do have 7,5 and 2kg and 1kg weights. Sometimes the app doesn’t allow me to change weight to my actual weight I am able to use.

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