Weights on barbell

I have a question on the weights being assigned to me for my barbell training since they arent making sense to me. When they say 42.5 KGs do they mean each side as 42.5 KG plates? Or total weight including the bar as 42.5?

The suggested weight for the barbell training is including the bar.

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But for some exercises like barbell curls - it shows 5 KG which isnt possible since the bar itself is 10 KGs.

There are barbells that weigh 5 kg.
If yours weighs more, adjust the weight to match your own barbell.

Edit: When specifying the equipment for the barbell, the barbell’s own weight is not stored, so it can come to lighter weight for some exercises than the actual own weight (I personally know barbells between 2.5 and 20KG).

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Basically this :point_up:t2: Most gyms should have a range of Barbells, although I appreciate that in the home environment no-one really wants or needs multiple barbells.

If you don’t have access to a lighter barbell, please feel free to use a plate, or even a dumbbell :+1:t2: