Barbell Weight Increments

The starting weight and incremental increases are problematic for imperial weight systems and requires the user to manual modify the weight frequently. The standard barbell weight is 45lbs. The most common plates are 5,10, 25, and 45lbs. All of which increase the total weight by multiples of 10bs when paired. The coach frequently sets total weights that are a multiple of 5 in addition to the 45lb bar (such as 60lbs) requiring the use of 2.5lb plates which is inefficient and a waste of time while training. To avoid using 2.5lb plates, I have to frequently manually override the coach weight to a multiple of 10 increase in addition to the bar (such as 65lb instead of 60lb).

In summary, total barbell weights that end in β€œ-0” require the use of 2.5lb plates and is an inefficient use of time while training and requires frequent manual overrides of the coach weight. The optimal total weight increments end in β€œ-5”.

Hi @wendallhorton , welcome to the forum!
Why do you say that it is a waste of time?
It is the same in the metric system, we very often have to use the 1.25kg plates, but in the end it is all part of the progressive overload concept, and by adding a few lb or kg to the bar, the Coach makes sure you don’t jeopardise your form.

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