Original journey

Is it possible to do the original Freeletics 15 week challenge?
I’m currently on a weights journey but I’d like to do the original challenge next.

No, this isn’t possible. The pdf plans are outdated and some of the workouts used there aren’t in product anymore (like Venus in original, Zeus in original, Iris).

You could organise yourself the old pdf plans and follow along. But it’s not in product anymore.

That’s a shame- would be good to do as a challenge!!!

Is there anything similar you would recommend?

The origins of Freeletics also come from a time when, in terms of marketing, it was popular here in Germany to achieve enormous success in the shortest possible time - and not to build healthy habits in the long term (have fun googling Sophia Thiel or “Mach dich krass” by Daniel Aminati - both training methods didn’t survive their time)
Anyone who still mourns the old plans for reasons will just have to organize them by themselve. Note at this point: at that time these were sold personally branded. I don’t know what the legal situation is now, but back then, passing on the PDFs wasn’t allowed.