Overall posture check and correction before weightlifting

Hey guys!

I might have missed a feature, but I am surprised not to find a posture check/diagnostic and correction before starting weightlifting journeys.

As you might know, exercising with wrong posture might have impact on the long run.

I came across this video, which includes posture tests and correction plan. Perhaps that could be implemented ?

Interesting idea :thinking: Posture and technique is super important, for all exercises not just weights-another reason why we invest so much time in our instructional videos for each exercise :+1:t2:

How would you see such a feature working in the app exactly?

I imagine a posture diagnosis with tests like shown in the previous video, as part of the evaluation week.
Depending on the posture tests the user passes or not, include posture correcting exercises as part of the training plan, re-test after a while and re-evaluate the training plan.

So over-time, the posture is being improved as an integral part of the journey.