Perfect Week + Created workout points

Hi. Regarding the perfect week, I think that the coach sessions shouldn’t be the only sessions that count. For example, if I did a coach session yesterday and do a workout outside the journey today, that workout should count towards the perfect week because it is a training session. It is sometime demotivating doing something extra because it does count toward anything.

Another thing that I belive is not correct is the points attribution in the self created workouts. The fact that you get 30 points if you do 10 push ups or an hour long work out is not fair. The points should be attributed considering the excercises and number of reps. The way it is now doesn’t motivate people to create their own workouts and dedicate to them. It will become an unused feature because, what’s the point?



Hey Shaka :wave:t2:

I would honestly recommend not becoming too focused on “Perfect weeks”, but rather on your training goals and the undoubted progress you will make when you train regularly. There is a really a lot of debate whether the “Perfect weeks” are a good measurement of achievement.

RE this :point_up:t2: It is something we do get feedback on. The point system was there primarily to reflect the experience one has with Coach Training i.e. Training Journey progress, rather than other training as mentioned in the reply below to a different post, but it is something that we have been having discussions around and may change in the future.


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