Workout builder Update: Earn Points Based on Your Custom Workouts!

Hello everyone,

We’re excited to announce a long-awaited update to our Workout Builder!

With this latest update, the workouts you create using the Workout Builder will now reward you with points based on the exercises and repetitions used to build your workouts. Previously, all custom workouts earned a standard 30 points, regardless of difficulty. Now, you’ll be rewarded more accurately based on the challenge and effort of your custom workout.

That topic was reported several times:
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Thank you for your patience, and we hope you enjoy this new update!


Oh wow! I never thought this would happen tbh. Been requested for years. Well, all I can say is thank you! Really appreciate this update as this is probably one of the most important improvements to the app. :+1::sunglasses:

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This is great news! Can we expect in the future to:

  • Edit a workout without having the hassle to Duplicate it first
  • Rearrange them (grouping them would be a plus)

Great Solution!

Thank you for bringing this finally. Will just rock a custom workout this evening.

"That’s exactly what I wanted to address. That you can edit workouts without having to duplicate them.

If Possibly, add filters for upper body, lower body, etc.

And maybe an ‘Max Out’ function."


Ah yes, finally. This is really great news! Thanks a lot.

We want the Freeletics Apple watch to easily switch from workout to another.
All these points are ok, but we need the watch app to work first.

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Hey @Sylvain
Great news, thanks for sharing! Do you have any information when the next update and new features will come?
Adding distance based exercises, runs, sprints, lunge walk, crab walk and similar
The time for the workouts, when we finished the workouts the time was not visible how much time we needed


Hi Sylvain! So, I’ve tested one of my workouts today and the points for the workout worked, which is awesome! Happy that you listened to the community on this one.

Though I’ve noticed a few things;

  1. There’s no timer during the exercises.
  2. Allow for selecting 1,2 or 3 rounds, just like regular Freeletics programs. (This I hope you implement as soon as possible, please?! :raised_hands:)
  3. There’s no PB time.
  4. There’s no way to choose star option.

Point 3-4 are more like nice to haves, so I don’t expect these to show up unless you add these, but it would be nice having a timer showing during the self-created sessions and DEFINITELY the ability to choose additional rounds of the program. This I feel is a must! :+1:


It would also be cool if you could not only manually specify the number of repetitions for the weight exercises you do during or after the performance, but also for the bodyweight exercises.

I create workouts where I sometimes train to failure to push myself to the limit."

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Sort of same here. Not reaching failure but progressing, and what I am currently forced to do is, duplicate and edit almost 30 Intervals, in reverse order, so I have them in the right order, hence asking to be able to rearrange them, since it is currently a nightmare taking me 30 mins every time.


Massive thanks for all the great feedback.
Just to quickly address the improvements you mentioned - we don’t have any further updates planned for the workout builder. But don’t worry, all your suggestions get passed along to the product team. And if any of the ideas seem like a good fit for our roadmap, we’ll definitely look into it. It might just take time, depending on priorities given to other projects and features updates.
Your feedback helps shape Freeletics, so please keep it coming!
Thank you all.


Is there a way to build workouts by searching for exercises by body part? I’m building a workout and it’s taking forever!

Great Update, was waiting for that a Long time. Didnt Even used that Feature because of that…
It would be Great if Friends could join These workouts Like the Challenges

Absolutely agree regarding the timer.


I assume the main use case for the workout builder is gym? Tried to build my gym workouts to stop using a .PDF and to log them in the app, but half of my exercises requiring machines, bench etc. are missing, so can’t use the feature.


Finally! Custom workouts can start being fun! Next up, when can we expect support for WatchOS?