Plate Cocoons/ Hybrid Strength

So when I’m assigned plate cocoons, I’ve given excellent feedback a few times. So now Coach is increasing the weigh from 45lbs plates to 50lbs plates.

Problem is plates only go up to 45lbs :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

So I’ve been truthful with the Coach and I report it back to the 45lbs. But won’t Coach mistake this for weakness and give me false adjustments?


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Hi @Jwebster3073, the Coach might think that you are not able to perform this exercise at 50lbs.

Have you added your weight available in the equipment section? would you have access to a 50lbs dumbbell to do the prescribed weight?

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Thank you!

I never thought of that, but yes perhaps I could substitute with a dumbbell.

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I would like to pick up this topic because I don’t think that you can handle a barbell or dumbbell the way you grab a plate. And it depends not only on the available weights but space as well. If I could do the cocoons home that’s fine but in the gym I wouldn’t do.
Besides this dumbbells become very unhandy from a certain weight on, especially on twists.

Perfect would be a solution for these plate exercises where you could define the maximum available weight and the coach calculates the reps accordingly.

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