Please stop the STÆDIUM Spam!

Is there anyway to opt out of the STÆDIUM Spam Mails? After the first mail i opted out of the STÆDIUM-news setting in my profile, but i still keep getting them. Even with only “Health and Fitness” set to true, this morning the next STÆDIUM Spam was in my inbound. Is the only way disabling all newsletters?


I am about to cancel my whole account from Freeletics world but I am afraid that even doing that, I will still receive mails or adds. Internet is forever I am afraid. Same for Facebook, Instagram and all over the net.

I also search the option to opt out of this mails.

I’m happy receiving Updates about Freeletics Features, but this is Spam for me. It was ok once, so that everyone is aware of Staedium. Pls separate the Newsletters between Freeletics and Staedium. I won’t buy it anyway :slight_smile:

Their focus is Staedium instead of improving the app. I cancelled my subscription

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We dont want to have everyday Black Friday spam of Staedium. We want instead improvements in the Freeletics app or a nice Freeletics Blackfriday sale.

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Hey @blubbernase and @bastik :wave:t2:

You can opt out of these via the email settings in your app :point_down:t2:

  1. Hit the settings icon in your “Profile” tab
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Privacy”
  3. Tap on “Emails”
  4. Toggle “STÆDIUM news” to the off position


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