Problem with excluding body areas

Issue with excluding body areas. I click lower and upper legs it saves but the diagram still shows the legs in blue and the workouts are if anything more focused on the areas I wanted to exclude. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app I even tried installing it on a different phone still no luck. I tried skipping a day by going through the workout and tapping through it to see if the app was telling me I needed to do legs and still no luck.

Hi Capie,

To clarify how this feature has been built and how it works, the adapt session feature is designed to lower the intensity of exercises targeting specific body areas, not completely exclude them. When you exclude lower body, for example, it typically removes exercises with heavy load or impact. It’s primarily meant for situations where you might be experiencing soreness in a particular body part and need to adjust your workout accordingly with the available ones. Note that in extreme cases, if you have too many restrictions (no runs, no space, time, exercises excludes, etc…) this can lead to having offered anyway a session including unwanted exercises.
I hope this clarifies your Coach behavior.