Pullup Bar space settings - What you need to know!

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We often get asked questions about the Pullup bar settings so if you have ever wondered what exercises get included/excluded when you enable or disable the various options in the Pullup Bar settings then this table should be helpful!

Space below bar Space above bar Space beside bar Secure bar
Active Hang Assisted muscleups Archer pullups Assisted muscleups
Assisted muscleups Burpee muscleups Full hanging leg wipers Burpee muscleups
Burpee muscleups Muscleups Hanging knee wipers Burpee pullups
Burpee pullups Strict muscleups Typewriter pullups Burpee toes-to-bar
Burpee toes-to-bar Windshield wipers Windshield-wipers Butterfly pullup
Butterfly pullup Clapping pullups
Full hanging leg wipers Hanging knees-to-elbows
Hanging knees-to-elbows Kipping swings
Hanging leg raises Muscleups
Kipping swings Strict muscleups
Muscleups Toes-to-bar
Strict muscleups Weighted pullup
Strict toes-to-bar

As always, if there are any questions, feel free to throw them below :point_down:t2:



I think you miss the category only pull up bar with no other extra (space below/above etc) enabled. Then you get pull ups, chin ups etc which are not in the list now.

To be honest i would pivot the table and write what is required, now one can read Hey i have space below I can do muscle up but you need to see you also need space above.

Exercise — Pull up bar Space Below Space Above Space Besides Secure bar
Pull up — x
Muscle up —x x x x

On the otherhand the list is not that extensive and you can easily see what you can do or not

-Edit: tabs/spaces do’t work so the format is %@&@ but i guess you get the point.

Hey Ben, thanks for the great overview! After looking at your table and seeing Weighted Pullups in it, I checked the app and saw that there are also Weighted Dips, and “Dip Belt” as equipment filter. In which journey/intervals could weighted pullups or weighted dips be expected? Thanks! :clapclapstatic:

You should add ‘pullups’ to the ‘space below bar’ column, since you cannot do the swinging motion without enough space below the bar.

Hey Friedrich :wave:t2:

These get assigned in the Barbell Journeys :+1:t2: Other than that, you can always complete them via the “Explore” tab.


Hey @Pithpossum

I think the problem here is that Athletes don’t feel enabled to adapt their form to complete the exercise. It would actually be a huge shame, if so many Athletes didn’t feel they could complete pullups just because they don’t have enough space below the bar to hang/swing.

I always use here my own bar setup at home as an example-I can get nowhere near stretching my legs but I simply tuck their legs behind me. Pushups add so much to ones Training Journey we really want them to be as accessible as possible for all Athletes. Likewise, at home I don’t swing anywhere near as much as the kipping motion shown in the pullups video.


Thanks for the reply! Haven’t seen them in the Hybrid Strength Journey yet, but maybe I’ll get them in the future. Looking forward to those, as I have sorely missed them before :smiley: