Recommend me a journey

So i need tips on which journey to start next week.

My history has been Hybrid Strength and Kettlebell fundamentals. I’ve been focusing on strength and mobility.

For the summer I have no access to a indoor gym. There is a simple outdoor gym with pull-up bar.

Focus is still Strength and mobility but I want to add emphasis on Running and master the pull-up bar.

Not knowing which journey would be best I’m thinking about these…

  • Strength & Stamina
  • Explosive strength
  • HIIT & Run Weight loss

please if you have experience could you recommend and give insights.


“Strength & Stamina” and “Explosive Strenght” are both useful for the strength focus you are looking for ( as their names indicates :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

If I am not wrong you should find sprints in both of them, but you won’t find medium/long run with them.

“Strenght & Stamina” is also well developed to make you improve on both focuses and, IMHO, is the most complete journey for a full improvement on both sides.

“Hiit and Run Weight Loss” is a really good journey to practice running and to improve your endurance but you are going to lose your strength for sure with it.

At the moment there isn’t a Journey which allows you to improve both your running and strength at the same time.

All you can do is to chose one with the main focus you want to deal with and then do some extra intervals/exercises/god workouts to manage the other focus.

Hope this helped.

Enjoy your training! :muscle:


Thank you, this helped immensely in prioritizing between the journeys.

I will choose the Strength & Stamina journey and add some lighter long runs as warmups and on off-days.


Just wanted to come back and say after 2 weeks of Strength & Stamina I really enjoy it. I was happily surprised when I went into the gym and added the equipment the coach integrated dumbbells immediately.

Finally I never thought I would miss burpees so much when I see burpee squat jumps on the training day =)

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Great to hear this!
Enjoy your training! :facepunch: :boom: