Journey for muscle building + long runs

Hi athletes,

I recently finished the “Muscle building without weights” journey and made great progress with PushUps, Burpees and even my first Turkish GetUps. Mega motivating.

In the summer, I want to take part in the Tough Mudder in Berlin (15km obstacle run) with colleagues and am now looking for a journey with muscle building + (interval) runs

I started with “keep running” or “run further” or whatever the name is in English and even though I enjoy running, I don’t want to let the muscle building slide.

Is it possible to do Hybrid Strength without a barbell? Or does the AI not allow this?
Is there another suitable Journey?
If I simply start a Muscle Journey, I can of course run on the side, but I’m hoping for a more efficient workout/better results with the targets set by the app.

Thanks and best regards

Hi @r.lustig , that’s a great goal!

My initial thoughts would be that the HIIT and Run journey with weights enables would be a great option for this!
Maybe worth supplementing with a dumbbell full body workout from the app in the muscle groups workout section if necessary.


Thats a nice idea, thanks a lot!