Journey selection - major change needed

So, I’ve just completed my 20th Hell Week, and now comes the challenging part – choosing the next journey. After reading journey descriptions for about six years, I know them by heart. And from my experience, selecting the next journey is the most dilemmatic aspect of using the Freeletics app :grin:. We need to decide what our next 48 sessions / 9 weeks will look like.

Every time after finishing Hell Week, I wonder if that part of the app gets improvements, and so far, I’ve experienced 20 times of “Nope. They haven’t changed a single thing." Can we update it with much deeper insights to better understand the differences of the journeys?

My thoughts/questions:

  1. Can we see an example plan for six weeks ahead for every journey, not just five days? The first five days tell us nothing because it’s more like a test phase than a clue to the training plan. This would be super useful for more advanced users. I need to see what type of exercise I’ll do, what kind of intervals, what kind of God workouts? What is the number of cardio workouts vs strength workouts in the journey? How many workouts for legs / chest / arms / back? Maybe some pie chart with %? Show us what is behind the “Everyday Strength” journey before we go with it.

  2. Can we target specific body parts? I’d like to know which part of my body is targeted during the journey. For example, let’s say I need to focus on ABS. Which journey is the best? As hard as I can get into?
    I’d like to do intervals with Dragon flags (like 20x20x20x20x20), or strict toes to bar, jack-knives, ground twists with plate, bicycle crunches, dumbbell crunch, leg wipers, etc. Just I need heavily focused on ABS, the same way like some intervals are heavily focused on arms and legs. Which journey will get me there? After six years with Freeletics, I can say that Freeletics programs are not effective in building/shaping ABS muscles, and I need to work on them individually.

  3. More detailed information about the load and cardio. Examples:

    • Weight-Free Gain is 120 load and 30 cardio
    • Everyday strength is 80 load and 55 cardio
    • Dumbbell gain is 70-150 load and 20 cardio (make adjustments with weight selection)
    • Barbell gain is 70-190 load and 20 cardio (make adjustments with weight selection)
    • Hybrid Strength is 70-160 load and 70 cardio
    • Freeletics Hardcore is 150 load and 110 cardio
    • Start strong is 25 load and 40 cardio, etc.

Three dots scale isn’t enough. Imagine a weather forecast with a 3 dot scale. It will rain - 3 dots. There will be a sun - two dots of three.

  1. Weights-Free Gain description has been misleading for years. You can read in the “What to expect” section “Train-to-bulk,” then, in the Results section, you can read “Build muscle without the bulk.”

  2. It would be super if we could know which of the journeys contain more exercises with resistance bands, which with dumbells, and which contain more specific exercises. For example, I would like to do more strict muscle-ups, which journey to choose? And which one for dragon flags and Handstand walk?

  3. I’ve already completed 3xTantalus for 15 times, 2xTantalus for 15 times and 1xTantalus for 4 times. When I see Tantalus, I feel fatigue and lack of challenge? How many times can you do Tantalus? Meanwhile, I rarely get Zeus (5 times only), and I would like to get it more often. In particular, I would like to try the 2x Zeus, how to do it? “You can choose it individually”, do I?

I can’t skip the coach’s session because DAS will drop. Doing a 2x ZEUS requires the two previous sessions to be slightly lighter. In other words, it’s difficult to do a 2x ZEUS after a 3xTantalus. It requires planning to make sense and reason.

I have a similar case with Hekate. 3x Hekate = 20 times, 2x Hekate = 14 times, 1x Hekate = 13 times. In total, I completed Hekate 101 times. After such a long time, monotony and boredom set in. I have more such cases in my books. How to solve this problem? Why doesn’t the coach give me some new, unknown Gods workouts even for a fresh change one for a time? At the moment, I have 58/74 bodyweight God workouts completed. But I don’t get any new for years.

  1. I would like to see how many times I have completed a particular journey and when was the last time?

  2. I would like to see a summary of my journeys. What have I achieved? How many of each God workout I’ve completed? What were God workouts? How many of each exercise did I do? What advanced exercises did I perform? How did this journey compare to the one I did before?

  3. I would like to see what journeys my friends are doing / doing mostly.

  4. I would like to be able to RATE the journey to give freeletics coach a feedback. How I feel. Have I achieved my goals in those 48 sessions?

  5. I would like to receive information about changes in metabolism by choosing / switch journey after some other journey. What changes should I make to my diet during by selecting this concretejourney?

  6. I would like to know what benefits there are from doing the same journey 2 or 3 times in a row. From my observations, frequent changes in the journey do not have a positive impact. The body must adapt to the change in load/exercise character, and it takes some time before it aligns with metabolism.



Nice one.

You have given the developer team here a lot - not to even think about - but to do.

I would be surprised if everything you have said is not on their 6 month plan to implement.

And if it isn’t, what else could be on it? These are all extremely worthwhile suggestions which should be implemented.

Not implementing them is like saying no to the guy who suggests that having a brake on a car would be a good idea.


@Freeletics ?

Hey Pawel, re your original post, do you have specific questions there that you need answers to? There are a lot of question marks, but these really do appear to be more general observations that have been raised before.

Overall, I think the outline of your post is fairly valid feedback, and many of the topics we are both aware of and do discuss frequently :+1:t2:


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  1. It would be lovely to see some kind of mock-up journey, to somewhat know what to expect;

  2. More in-depth goals could be a solution maybe:

    • Instead of just selecting the goal Build muscle, Freeletics may ask you, what muscles you want to do more?
  3. In my opinion, the three-dots system is somewhat confusing too, and not too helpful. A more in-depth explanation would surely be useful, maybe #1 can be useful in this regard as well;

  4. After checking in my app (set to German), I don’t have this issue. This is probably easily fixed within their translations;

  5. A more accurate description of what equipment can and can’t/won’t be used in a specific journey would be massive! I myself struggle with picking the right journey, because I have a limited though varied amount of equipment;

  6. Personally, I have not yet done any god workout over a dozen times (though I started using Freeletics in August 2022). However, I have noticed I only get quite a limited amount of god workouts, I think I don’t even have done half of the available ones. Maybe they are somewhat linked to certain journeys/goals? I would not be surprised if that’s the case at least.

    • And as we are on the topic of god workouts: the overview which houses all my “attempts” with scores and dates is… quite frustrating, to say the least. This should be overhauled.
  7. I’ve asked for an overview of journeys before as well, though only via email. They . said it isn’t yet available, and the feedback will be forwarded;

  8. Overal, some more insights in what you have achieved while doing Freeletics would be a great addition;

  9. This needs #7, and in my opinion, your friends should have to opt-in for you to be able to see what journeys they have done;

  10. Rating a journey would be good, and even better if you can add little notes for your future self. Together with #7 and #8, this would come in very handy;

  11. A general overview on how to eat for the best results with a particular journey would be nice, though that could be considered to be a Nutrition feature;

  12. Maybe there’s a blog post on this topic?


If you have discussed them frequently, what has been the outcome of those discussions ?

What game plan to tackle them has been drawn up?

Is there one?


Hey Nicholas,

I’m sure you understand that we don’t give out details on our roadmap :+1:t2:

We do consider and discuss all feedback here in the team, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to feature development in the near future, it can take a lot of time to move a feature to the point of release, and some feature ideas will sadly never reach the point of release.

When we have updates to share, we do proactively share them-both here in this Forum, on our Social Media and via our Newsletters :+1:t2: