I can't see the weight of the dumbbells on my Journey

I wanted to ask if you can help me:
It turns out that I just started my 5th Journey and the one I chose this time is called “Mark muscle without weights” which does not need equipment but as my previous Journey was “Mark muscle with weights” I decided to leave added those weights (dumbbells) to do as a hybrid Journey, what happens is that in some routines proposed by the Coach presents me exercises with the dumbbells but does not tell me with what weight.
Do you suddenly know how I can know with which weight it is or if it is a predetermined weight.
I leave a reference image in which you can see the exercise Dumbbell Bent Rows which is an exercise with dumbbells but does not show what weight should be used.
Mobile device: POCO X3 NFC
operating system: Android 11 RKQ1.200826.002
freeletics version: 22.42.0
Country: Colombia (GMT-5)


Choose the weight you are comfortable with doing the number of proposed repetitions.


@melaLetics That is hilarious, a fitness app without progressive overload of saving your weight in reps.

As long as you are doing a bodyweight Journey, no weights are suggested. For me that is consistent. The focus of a Bodyweight Journey should remain non-weight skills and exercise with equipment only as a small bonus. :person_shrugging:
Weights will be suggested doing a Weighted Journey.

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@melaLetics No weights will not be suggested in intervals, also in weighted journeys

Are you talking about Hybrid Strength or the Barbell/Kettlebell/Dumbbell Journey? These are the only Journeys I know with suggested weights.