Repetitions in workouts

Good morning.
I just have a question about repetitions. If I am do alternating lunges and it says 20 reps, am I doing 20 either side or 20 all up?


When it says 20 reps for alternating lunges, it typically means 20 total, so 10 for each side. So go ahead and alternate sides until you’ve completed a total of 20 lunges. Hope that helps!

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This is correct.

As far as I know, any exercise that has alternate sides, one side counts as one rep.
You can see this if you open a video for exercise and swipe up.


Thanks heaps. I appreciate the help.

Wondering about the right reps.
When it says 15x Climbers or Lunges for example. Is that 15x total for both legs or 15x left/right (”pairs”) ?

It usually says that in the description. In the case of climbers and lunges one rep is one each leg, so unfortunately you do e.g. 8 right and 7 left and the other way around

Ok, understand. Thanks for your reply.