[REQ] Upcoming workouts do not always show up

Upcoming workouts do not show up for next week. Sometimes I have time and energy to workout on Sunday ( which in my current session has no plan ) but I cannot start a workout from next week, because the week didn’t started yet.

It would be really nice to be able to always see at least 5-10 workouts in advance.

Radu T

Hi @radu.m.toader
That’s strange - I always see the upcoming week after finishing the actual one. Are you sure you can’t swipe to the upcoming week when there’s no more coach day to do the actual one?

When It will happen again, I will post a video.

Normally, once you finish your predetermined amount of workouts in one week, you should be able to see the next weeks’ workouts.

Nonetheless would I want it to display a certain amount of future workouts, or a time span of workouts counting from today, so you can always check a bit in advance.