2 workouts in 1 day

Hey people!

I’m super new to this so sorry if I’m asking a silly question.

Today I had a workout scheduled. Without thinking I selected tomorrow’s workout by mistake and went ahead and did it. I realised straight after what I had done :sweat_smile: Instead of stopping I thought ‘hey, let’s do todays one as well!’ Needless to say now I am pretty knackered… :hot_face:

I noticed afterwards that my scheduled workout for tomorrow didn’t get marked as completed in advance, but moved to today and completed and a whole new workout planned for tomorrow! Obviously I could do this but would rather not do my back in during the 3rd week.

Is there any way to sort this without it registering that I’m missing out on a session?

Hi and welcome to this forum!

A training session will be marked as completed after hitting the “end session” button.
If you do a future training day and your regular one, completing it, it’s s normal behaviour that the coach will recalculate the rest of your week.
But there is a progress bar in the left upper corner of coach screen showing how many training days you already did in the current week. So you can reach the “week in a row” even if you now skip the today’s workout.

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That’s great news, thank you for your help!

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