Rest Timer Notification

Is there a way to make the timer alert you with a notification on Lock Screen when rest time is up? Instead of having to keep app open and looking at the clock ticking down?

There is already an audio countdown. Maybe you turned it off?

That works when the app is open.

I want to be able to lock my phone and set it down while I wait for a 2 minute timer to elapse and send a notification to alert me to this.

It works in my case with app in background, closed app or/and with locked mobile phone.
Just tested moments ago with a custom workout.

I’m yet to use a custom work out, I have only used a coach workout.

Would the rest timer interface be the same as what one sees in a coach workout?

For me it’s like an instagram story, one slide is “10 reps of x weight on bench” and then when complete, the next full screen that is ticked over to is the rest timer itself.

Just tested it with custom workout. Doesn’t work either. I’m on iOS.

I’m on Android. Could be an OS related problem.
@Ben Is this known as a bug?

@nicholas_ellul I’ve been using Freeletics for almost 4 years on an iPhone. Now you say it, I recall that it has been this way since I started, and it used to make me miss the new round starting time. But in the last year or two I stopped minimising the app and I forgot about that problem. Just tested and the problem is still there.

In my experience, it is best to report technical issues via the technical assistance contact form.

If it hasn’t been fixed in 4 years, how is my report going to do anything ? :sweat_smile:

I’m sure many others in the 4 years this has been happening have made reports, evidently to no avail :joy:

Statistically, most of the time people don’t report bugs. I saw this 4 years ago and I never reported it. Be our hero! :smiley:

If reported it. Let’s see what happens :slight_smile: new to the app, it’s the only thing that’s really bothered me so far.

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