Running vs skiing in winter

Really love freeletics and its diversity in workout programs, never geting dull:).
I like to mix aerobic with hiit trainings. Just facing one issue in winter, not much of a runner in heavy snow period😆,prefer cross country skiing.
Currently used “free run” to get my skiing km counted, but kinda feels like cheating the program considering the speed.
Anyone else doing this swap in wintertime?
Any hope for this to appear in options ever?

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Hey Helen :wave:t2:

I know a few people who do this to be honest, although I see it more with :biking_man:t2: than :skier: , but it isn’t officially supported in the app.

It reminds me of what I used to do with Strava when skiing myself (before they introduced their link with Slopes a couple of years ago). Now of course you can just record with any number of their skiing options.

I think the one thing to bear in mind, which is probably a good thing, is that at least if you do log this kind of activity as a free “run”, it won’t impact the training that you get assigned from the Coach.

As for ever seeing Skiing as a specific option to record an activity, I don’t see this happening anytime soon…certainly not before rowing or cycling.

But for keeping track of all your fitness activities in one place, I don’t particularly see anything “wrong” in what you are doing, even if the app wasn’t designed for this.

Not sure if this answer helps or not, hopefully a little bit!


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Yes thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile: .