Same workouts again and again


I don’t know about you but (although I have all the possible equipment checked) warm-ups, workouts, PB workouts and even stretching always consist of the same exercises and movements (and so many burpees!!!). Unbelievable when you have a look at the list all the exercises.

Why is that? What to do to make it change a little?


The chosen god workouts are highly dependent to the journey you selected. So many burpees sounds like Calorie (Cardio) Burn or Balanced (Fat) Burn.

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My point of view is that coach is repeating exercises in order for us to “master” them. Your first burpee is not going to look and feel the same as 1000th one as you get better at them

In my case exercises change on a slow pace and i’m ok with that. I would rather master basic exercises first before moving on different and more complex movements.

And ofc it depends on journey as noted above.

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