Save progress when finishing a journey

When I finish a journey but want to keep going, I have to restart it and it doesn’t save my progress eg. PBs etc.

Hi @jossie_lg, this is weird, the app should remember all of your training history, after each training session, and after finishing a journey.
I have done multiple times the same journey and all my PBs were saved.
I’d recommend raising a support ticket for this one.

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I can confirm, everything is saved, including PBs.
If you don’t see a PB for the same workout, it’s either you didn’t get a star, or the coefficient is not the same (partial WO 2/3, x1, x2 or x3).

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It does save the PBs, but I think part of the question of the OP was - if I start a journey straight after finishing another one, Coach is going to do a new evaluation from scratch, wouldn’t it?

I think it would, and it’d be nice if it already knew my level, so I could start my next journey with tailored difficulty level from week 1. Perhaps, it would need to be reset if more than X weeks between journeys.


Yes ok I think I didn’t phrase it correctly but partially I meant this exactly.

The other thing, I think it might have been that I started a new journey and it didn’t save the PB for the same exercise.
I might be just confused if you all say it does save it.

Thank you all!

It doesn’t. Never started from scratch again after finishing a Journey.
But to be honest, this isn’t still clear (for me) what “from scratch” means.
You will be asked what your main goals are.
But all your progress in skills are saved and won’t be reset to zero.

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