Skill Progression for Training Journeys with Weights


I recently started my first training journey with weights (dumbell gain) and not having skill progressions as part of the coach for this journey is sorely missed… it would be nice to be working on something dynamic like handstand walks in a journey using weights, as there is not much movement during weight lifting exercises (which is to be expected).
Is there a particular reason skill progressions have been excluded from journeys using weights or is it something that could be added in future? My guess is that they were excluded because these journeys are orientated torwards gym goers, but it would be nice to able to manually exclude skill progressions in that case instead for those that still want to practice skills progressions on these journeys outside the gym.


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Hey Rua :wave:t2:

Yeah, it’s a missing feature from all of the Weights Journeys to be honest. At the moment all of the Skill Progressions are Bodyweight exercises, and so just are not incorporated in to the Weights Journeys.

I think we probably do want to move to a point where, no matter what TJ you are on, you can choose to enable more skills and equipment (for example a common question is why Athletes can’t enable the Pull-up Bar in the small weight TJs) it’s just a question of when this might happen. For the short term, I can’t see anything changing here though unfortunately.

It is on our radar though :+1:t2:


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Gotcha, thanks Ben.:+1:t3:

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