Skill progression removal

Hi Im struggling to understand how to remove these restrictions - any ideas?

Which Journey did you select?
What coach settings do you have? What about equipment and excluded exercises?

ive been on barbell - i have all equipment and nothing excluded.

As far as I know, neither Dumbbell nor Kettlebell exercises aren’t included into Barbell Gain. So that’s why all the Skill Pathes about DB and KB are partially disabled.

What about Wall and Plyobox?

Edit: I see, you have all equipment. Sometimes jumping exercises are blocked due to own bodyweight, age or a pregnancy before.

Barbell Gain TJ doesn’t include skill progressions.

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@GianLuke Thanks! That’s my today’s “learn something new everyday”.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: You’re welcome! :blush:

ok - so im no longer following a journey so i should be able to access all exercises. Let me try that. To ask 2 further qns. Can I do a mix of barbell and dumbell journeys? 2) Is there a way of linking rowing rather than running (concept 2 rower)?

You have to have a chosen journey in order to get skills. You can’t mix two journeys but you can choose a bodyweight one and activate your equipment. You will be assigned some intervals or exercises including weights. But mixed with bodyweight exercises.
If you don’t want to run, you can think about doing the running gods with the rower. I guess also the Gods like Atalanta or Ares could be done with rowing instead of running. Your time won’t be comparable with other athletes and your DAS won’t be reasonable - but it’s possible if you want to.

Edit: the rower isn’t integrated so there’s no chance the coach will give you some rowing exercises.

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Hi @shaun1 , to complement what @melaLetics said, there is an app called “CrossConvert” which gives you equivalence for all cardio movements which I used to use when swapping running for rowing or airbike. It is very useful if you want to switch running for rowing and have a good equivalence in terms of distance so that you don’t smash through a 200m run in 30 sec on the bike

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